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Offline Bamaboy
M / 23
I am a college baseball player looking for a cute, fun girl to mingle with. I'm 6'3 about 175lbs with a really nice body. I have dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I'm a really fun guy to be around ladies. If you want to know more...
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Offline shawn
M / 24
good person and You'll feel comfortable with yourself . You're not lying to yourself or others . You'll make yourself happier by not pretending to be something you're not . You'll know if people like you for the real you :) - I am athletic. ...
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Offline Sandee546
F / 44
Iam ready to get out and have fun! Iam at a stage in my life where I want to enjoy the finer things in life and live it up. Oh yeah....short guys need not to apply! So if you are under 6 feet tall, keep it moving. And yes.....Iam serious.
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Offline Scott
M / 58
Just checking this site out to see what it's all about. Hope to see if there are any women in my local area. Hope this is enough information to check out the site. I guess I needed 1 more sentence to complete this. Not really sure what ...
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Offline king lil a
M / 30
i am tall handsome awesome and packed with lots of fun love riding motorcycles and fast cars also i am tatted so if you like tattoos i got them also i do what ever you like to just being real about because most guys be like im not doing that shit...
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